About Us

Intensity is what CrossFit is best known for. Intensity means moving fast and powerfully. Workouts can be anywhere from 5-30 minutes. 


Variation is another key to success. The workouts are always different. Constantly varied workouts keep your body from adapting to any one form of exercise, and when your body is forced to adapt, it means it's getting stronger.



Three  Things  to   Expect  at  GMCF

1. Your technique will improve

We place great focus on technique and proper body mechanics.  All bodies are different and have different strengths, weakness, and limitations. It takes a skilled eye to notice the subtleties of what is keeping you from your potential.


2. You'll improve your mental focus

We coach the mental aspect as much as the physical aspect of training. The mental side is extremely important for progress regardless of your athletic ability. Top competitors may be beasts in the gym, but if they are not mentally prepared, they may flounder time and time again in the actual competition. Your fitness goals will never be fulfilled to your potential if your mind is not at the level of your physical body. We coach you mentally as well as physically to overcome the obstacles your mind has created.


3. You'll join a community 

We built a community like no other. One example of this is when our members finish their workouts and then begin to cheer on the person next to them. Or a more dedicated member might realize another's absence, and take to Facebook to encourage them to get back in the box. Our camaraderie is through the roof!

Workout of the Day (WOD)
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